About me

It’s amazing how UX has been around for over 30+ years but just recently has been catching the attention of many designers who want to jump from graphic design or logo design to UX, only to find out that UX is more than just designing pretty UI’s (it’s way more than that!). UX is about observing, testing, iteration and learning. The more we learn about people’s behavior, the more we know what we’re going to build to help make better design decisions.

I began in the field of web development and design in the early days of Netscape (1998-ish). I served four years in the United States Marine Corps serving as an administrator building resource applications for service members separating from active duty between 2001-2005. Upon my separation from service, I went into the insurance industry of property and casualty in a management position where I designed and developed agency websites, handled customer experience research, and dabbled in sales and marketing for almost 10 years. In between my insurance career, I also freelanced in building web apps for small business clients specializing in the food and health industry, graphic design, and logo design. In 2015, I got into product design for District Photo in designing corporate promotional items. Currently, I’m a UX + UI Designer at Halfaker and Associates where I work on 508 compliance, designing digital experiences for web + mobile, user interface design, prototyping, research, user behavior and analytics for corporate and federal agencies. I have experience working alongside and remotely with team members to brainstorm user flows and wireframes, perform quality assurance usability testing. I have front-end coding experience, capable of building varying levels of prototypes, and can facilitate design decisions to developers to help build out ideas.

When I’m not at UX meetups or workshops, I’m keeping up with UX trends, doing automotive photography or hanging out with my kids.

Contact me at iam@tonylopez.me

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