Callie the Baker

Client: Callie the Baker

Role: Rebranding, Identity Design

Callie the Baker was an incredibly fun logo to create. Callie wanted to rebrand herself as she was passionate about baking. Her profession and family support allowed her to create custom cakes and personalize them to her customers desires. She uses her own creativity in making exotic flavors, creative desserts, custom orders for baby showers and gender reveals, and bigger life events.

I took her on a journey with a brand audit where I asked her questions about describing her business, her ideal business goals, and what would she like to get out of this project. We continued with brand discovery in finding her brands voice and tone, and finding out why her brand was so successful.

Branding is like baking a cake. She took me through her steps on how she comes to bake an Almond cake that her grandmother used to make. Every ingredient, is like a component that a company needs to build a successful brand.

It was important to dive into her current presence on social media to see what her customers are saying, and I found that her customers were enjoying the creative cakes, and were hoping to see more of her work!

“More than anything, I’ve always loved sharing that passion with others through  my own creations.” – Callie

The thought process went through several iterations in moodboards to get the look and feel, the style and color, and finally, the brands voice.

A styleguide was provided to ensure she was ready to place her logo on any product.