Crawlers and Walkers: Family Childcare

Role: Rebranding, Identity Design

Latarsha runs childcare center in Baltimore named Crawlers and Walkers. The center provides before and after care of children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years of age. The owner, Latarsha Tolson, was in need of a redesign of her brand to help clients recognize it as a childcare service.

There were some ideas thrown around, but mainly that the design had to be centered around children and friendly bugs. They design has to be friendly and inviting to both children and parents.

In the discovery phase, the client shared her business card which shows a fun and friendly caterpillar and a butterfly with earthly tones of green, brown, purple and teal.

Some ideas and concepts that associated with children: insects, apples, trees, kids playing, animals and the sun. After a few ideas, we settled on the lady bug, and named her Lucy.

Brand Statement:
Crawlers and Walkers offers a wide range of programs for early learning. We pride ourselves in being friendly and inviting to all who attend. 

Lucy the Lady Bug – Her Story:
Lucy comes from the garden. She is friendly and loves to sit on leaves. Sometimes she likes to help make sure you keep the classroom clean. She wants to make sure you’re friendly to others. She wants to make you smile. She tells jokes and sings too, why don’t you give it a try? Don’t be scared when you see her. Just say hi, and she will smile and say hi, too.