First American Millwork

Responsive Redesign (Web + Mobile)

The goal was to help redesign the company website with responsiveness in mind. The redesign needed to provide updated information and a project portfolio to give visitors better value and experience with the services they provide in the Washington Metropolitan area.

First American Millwork

Project Lead, UX/UI Design, User Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping, Development

First American Millwork had a need to redesign their current website. It had a few gaps that I was able to identify such as lack of responsiveness, lack of content and out of date information. The project began with stakeholder interviews and reviewing the current state of the site to understand all the possible problems we could address to determine what metrics would be valuable and what sort of experience we would create for returning and new visitors to the site.

The redesign will provide responsive features for a seamless user experience and improve our SEO efforts.

Once the updated journey mapping and wireframing were complete, I created high fidelity clickable prototypes, tested with users, gathered the feedback and made revisions that would suit the better user experience. Smaller iterations were made until we were confident on the final designs.

By having usability testing, stakeholder collaboration, I was able to design a responsive site that not only provides a high-level of information for visitors, but can showcase the company project portfolio easily so that visitors may contact them for jobs, creating value for the company.