FlowForma UI Design Package for Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

Enterprise businesses are beginning to automate their processes by way of online forms. There are a few company’s out there who are marketing the enterprise market by offering an easy no-code solution to help them migrate all of their paper forms to electronic.

At Halfaker and Associates, I was tasked with collaborating with our engineers to help build out some of these new forms for employees. After looking at the scope of the project, there were a few things that were missing to make the project more streamlined: UI Design Kit for Prototyping.

A lot is involved in building out a functioning FlowForma form:

  • Stakeholder briefing
  • Drafting system and notification Flow Charts
  • Drafting wireframes
  • Drafting prototyping
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Develop and test
  • Launch

The use of the FlowForma UI Design Kit has allowed our Project Management team to streamline their processes in building out proper prototypes and align with the company’s vision.

The FlowForma UI Kit included a unique design system with interface elements that assisted designers in building out prototypes. Some of those assets were:

  • Company Brand Guidelines
  • System Typography
  • Layout/Grid Design
  • Header Banners
  • Header Navigation
  • Section Separators
  • Action Form Buttons
  • Buttons (Radio and Checkboxes)
  • Text Input Fields
  • Multiline Text Boxes
  • Alerts and Help Tools
  • Email Notification Prototypes

One of the challenges that FlowForma presented was that its front-end was using HTML Tables, so the designs had to work within its layout constraints since at the time of this case study, it was not made to be responsive.