Gaithersburg Pet Sitters Branding and Web Design

Gaithersburg Pet Sitters was a project that entailed a large branding perspective that has helped its business over the last year. A few of the stories that I tackled were:

  • New Logo
  • Brand Photography
  • Landing Page

After a year, the site owner requested a redesign so that he could capture his Rover Client base to his site for better onboarding procedures. The updated stories that I tackled included:

  • A redesigned website
  • An additional site for his Pet Guide
  • Setting up of email marketing campaigns
  • A refined logo (small touch ups)

Logo Design: Out with the old and in with the new

The old logo, which at the time was his first logo, needed to be representative of his dog sitting business. That look was achieved when I was taking photography for his website and the owners dog ran across the field. That snapshot alone would help build the beginning of an amazing branding project.

At the time, the design had to encompass the following brand attributes:

  • Trustworthy
  • Passionate
  • Welcoming
  • Respectful
  • Experienced
  • Educated

Positioning Statement

Next we worked around a few ideas in regards to his positioning statement. The final one being:

Gaithersburg Pet Sitters provides dog walking and sitting services to passionate dog owners in a trustworthy environment with a welcoming voice. We help in making their dog feel cared for and secure while they’re away.

This helped build the direction I was going to go in.

The Redesign

After a year, the owner wanted to continue using the same concept, but wanted a softer feel for the icon as it felt too aggressive. So some minor tweaks were made to soften the icon, and adjust the type.

Brand Photography

To help build the website and his ad marketing campaigns, I suggested we should go with our own photography. The vision had to show that the use of the photos would go to the following:

  • Website Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing

Many photos where taken, and are now in use on the regular. Here are some of the photos, and how they are used today.

Website Redesign

The purpose of the redesign of the site had a few stories that the owner wanted to change up. It couldn’t just be done to one page or just one photo, I had to get his feedback on the current state of the site, audit the entire site, see what we could do differently to ensure he is able to achieve his business goals which were:

  • New Onboarding Process
  • Showcase advertising areas for funneling new prospects
  • Email Subscriptions for email marketing
  • Blog
  • Pet Sitter Guide
  • New Pricing Structure
  • Update the color tone of the site

Below are some of the screenshots in building of the new site: Gaithersburg Pet Sitters

Gaithersburg Pet Sitters Online Pet Guide

The purpose of the Pet Guide was to steer clear of updating a Word Doc / PDF. The thought of having to spend the time to make changes/revisions and then convert the document to a PDF and then upload it to a site or change its URL seemed like an entire process that wouldn’t make the guide helpful, or keep up-to-date information.

The idea was to take all of those processes and build out the pet guide online with a website. This way, the owner can update information in real time and wouldn’t have to worry about word documents or conversions to PDF’s. The site had to be both informal and easy to navigate. Some of the items were:

  • Dogs at Play – A pet resource for owners to know about local dog parks, hiking trails, state parks and local dog meetups.
  • Dog Friendly Places Around Town – A list of places that are dog friendly such as restaurants, bars and residences.
  • Animal Services – An owners guide to pet stores, pet groomers, veterinarians, dog trainers, pet hotels and shelters.
  • Articles – Blog

The site uses some content from our first photoshoot and content from Unsplash (Love this site!).

To be able to achieve such a large amount of knowledge on the site, wireframes and prototypes had to be created to ensure where the content would be, and to allow the owner to visualize the visitors use of the site. Since the site isn’t meant to be public, only shared between Chris and his customers, it also had to feel personal, and on brand.

You can visit the site by going to Gburgs Pet Guide.