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Grand River Rug Washing

Client: Grafted-In

Role: Identity Design

Grafted-In approached me with this identity design project for Kansas City based rug washing company, Grand River Rug Washing. We’ve worked previously on past successful identity design projects, so I was happy to take this on and create a memorable design for the client.

The identity design had to be clean, professional and invoke quality to the name. The client was mentored by a well known rug washing business owner out of New York, Running River Rug Cleaning, and was instilled with professional characteristics of knowledge, professionalism and care.

The mark needed to be simple and responsive to help build recognition. The pattern icon is the letter ‘G’, the first letter in Grand River. This was chosen to imitate rug patterns, which could then be used on company assets.

The modern symbol is paired with Baskerville, to express the professionalism and quality of the brand, while modernizing the look to help provide a youthful appeal, and optimizing the identity for applications on everything from company apparel to company trucks.