HomePath App by Fannie Mae

HomePath App Redesign Concept

This is a conceptual mobile application redesign that was used for an interview presentation. The purpose of the redesign was to find ways to enhance the current user experience based on user feedback from the App Store.

Fannie Mae + HomePath

UX Strategy, Information Architecture, UX Research, Business Case Creation, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design

HomePath is a service that helps speed the process of selling/buying foreclosed homes throughout the United States. The application allows you to conveniently search for properties to get detailed information, see property photos, and communicate with the listing agent.

The goal was to asses the user journey and update the existing UI with a redesign. After user research through validated user feedback, users primary focus was a more modern look and feel which led me to do a content audit.

A UX Audit is performed to reveal gaps in a digital product, and to enhance the experience using user-centered design. The audit should give us a glimpse into the products UI patterns to see if users are accomplishing their goals.

Upon completion of the audit, these components would undergo the redesign phase: Header, Bottom Navigation, Sorting, Property Listing and Media Gallery The user flow was quite simple, so there wasn’t a need to make any changes there.