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Marriott Bonvoy’s Enhanced Media Library

The goal was to create and build a new workflow process for designers and developers that will work from a centralized media asset library when building UI Patterns.

Marriott International

UX Designer, UI Design, Information Architecture, User Testing

Media libraries can be an important area for both designers and developers to gain access to media needed to create UI patterns. The challenge was to build a new workflow that content creators could scale images to a 1:1 ratio and be optimized for mobile app design.

Establishing an enhanced media library gives a simple solution allowing designers and developers find assets organized by hotel categories.

I identified the opportunity during the kickoff meeting where we could use Adobe Lightroom. The most frustrating aspect of handling hundreds or thousands of images comes from not knowing how to organize it, but with Lightroom’s advanced library organization, assets can easily be accessed, organized, and exported in single or batched processes.

Once the sitemap was created to understand the proper folder structure for the assets, user testing began with documenting the designers flow and making sure to fill in the gaps needed to ensure users could navigate Lightroom and its settings.

Final documentation was provided in a guide to help content creators and developers on how to use the media asset library workflow.

Adobe Lightroom would catalog, organize and batch export hundreds of image assets saving content creators hours vs. when doing it manually or using Photoshop.