Marriott International

Client: Marriott International / Merchandising Lanes

Role: UX Architect, UX Designer

New processes require understanding the needs for our internal teams. A new workflow was needed to build a media library for our content creators and developers to access images for the native app designs. The images needed to be scaled down to a 1:1 ratio, and be optimized for mobile app design.

The strategy was to understand the needs of our content creators and developers, ideate the methods that will be used, and the build the backend so that the process will become seamless. Photoshop was the first application that came to mind, though powerful, was not efficient in processing hundreds of images at a time. Though it can automate some items, the file size becomes bloated and runs heavy on the workstation when running a large process such as resizing and exporting using actions/scripts.

It was decided that to catalog, organize and batch export 100+ image assets, it would be best to use Adobe Lightroom.

The first step was to create a site map to understand the folder structure to where the team was going to house the content. Then to create a workflow around using Lightroom that will automate the exporting of the images to be 1:1 ratio, and be optimized for the mobile app.

The building of the site map, the folder structure, and the workflow allowed for a better experience for content creators where the use of Lightroom created an effective and efficient workflow that will save time, and allow the developers to get their hands on content faster.

Documentation was provided to guide content creators in knowing how to access the content folders and how to use Lightroom to properly export the media.