Military OneSource Campaign Landing Page Concept

During the height of tax season, MilTax becomes the primary resource for service members and their families to find tax resources and applications.

Project Type

  • Research
  • User Interface Design (web + mobile)
  • Prototyping


I was tasked with updating the MilTax landing page for 2020. The styling needed to be cleaned up and configured to fit the grid.

The brief

Content creators requested to have campaign landing pages cleaned up to align with existing styles across Military OneSource. Due to time constraints, the designs being shared are only conceptual.

The Challenge

MilTax is one of seven campaign template pages that require restyling. Researching of all the pages shows that they all use custom components that are not part of the existing library of components and visual styles. New custom components needed to be created to match existing styles and fit the content to the grid.

The plan

Every campaign page had to be dissected to cross-reference reused custom components built by the content team. In doing so, I was capable of preparing concepts to fit in the 12-col grid. Some of the existing custom components and visual styles are not inline with our existing visual styles, so this was an important step in making sure we can see everything, find working solutions, and propose the findings. 

Below you will be able to see all the templates that share these custom components. 

Proposed Component Concepts

Intro Header Section

The intro header section was going to get a slight makeover. The proposed idea was to take the featured image and move it from 6 columns to 8 columns with the heading title and intro body copy matching existing styles.

Body Copy Content

The leading body copy and content body copy will be updated to 1rem/16px, and the heading titles will be coming down from 30px to 20px to match existing content styles.

Custom Container

The current container needed to be restyled to fit the grid. The current styling was trying to work inside an 8-column container with three cards, leaving the content unaligned. Some alternative styles have been included to provide more flexibility if the content needed to fit in a 8-column grid.

The proposed container will be fit to the grid where the content will now go into one column (for better responsiveness), the 3 cards will align to the grid but will also allow for the use of existing style icons to be added within the buttons or above the heading title.

Here are a few other alternative ideas that were proposed:

The sidebars were proposed as a way to help keep information more linear and easier to read for the user when they visit the page.

Featured Articles

The styling for the featured articles content was not inline with current design styles, so it was decided that we would update it by adding a separator, cleaning up the styles to match existing featured article content, and centering the button.


The current styling of users subscribing to the eNewsletter is used across all the campaign pages. Because it is not inline with any current styling, it was decided that the input box take on a pill-shape, similar to the footer.

The proposed version is updated to match the footers styling, with the addition of page tags and social media sharing.

Concept Prototypes