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Rapid Reach Marketing Group

Client: Rapid Reach Marketing Group

Role: Branding and UX Designer

Rapid Reach Marketing Group wants to help businesses reach their customers on digital platforms. Nearly 3 of every 4 small businesses plan to invest in social media marketing. Reports show that all small businesses are looking to invest in marketing (89%), which demonstrates the value of marketing efforts.

Rapid Reach wants to help small businesses invest in their social media presence, website growth and SEO.

I lead the branding and UX/UI effort in creating the identity design, and their landing page that will cater to their market of small business owners looking to get a foothold on marketing their business.

The Goal
Strategize a positioning statement, design an identity, design and build a simple landing page to help prospective clients reach out to gain more information on brand marketing strategies.

The Challenge
Find the right target audience that would need help in using social media marketing and management. Since this was a startup, Rapid Reach would need to create a list of potential clients to reach out to.

The Solution
After a round of creating user persona’s, it was determined that their ideal customer would need to be between the ages of 28-55, owns a small business, and would require services to help expand their business. The brand would need to be recognized as a professional service, while creating a simple web experience to help clients reach out to them to communicate their needs.

The Outcome
The brand identity and website launch was a great success. The site has had numerous prospects reach out, and has been able to help small businesses achieve their social media marketing needs.