Rapid Reach Marketing Group – Responsive Design (Web + Mobile)

Responsive Design (Web + Mobile) and Branding

Strategize a positioning statement, design an identity, design and build a simple landing page to help prospective clients reach out to gain more information on brand marketing strategies.

Rapid Reach Marketing Group

Design Lead, UX/UI, Branding, Development

Rapid Reach Marketing Group wants to help businesses reach their customers on digital platforms. Nearly 3 of every 4 small businesses plan to invest in social media marketing. Reports show that all small businesses are looking to invest in marketing (89%), which demonstrates the value of marketing efforts.

Rapid Reach wants to help small businesses invest in their social media presence, website growth and SEO.

I lead the branding and UX/UI effort in creating the identity design, and their landing page that will cater to their market of small business owners looking to get a foothold on marketing their business.

The Challenge
Find the right target audience that would need help in using social media marketing and management. Since this was a startup, Rapid Reach would need to create a list of potential clients to reach out to.

The Solution
After a round of creating user persona’s, it was determined that their ideal customer would need to be between the ages of 28-55, owns a small business, and would require services to help expand their business. The brand would need to be recognized as a professional service, while creating a simple web experience to help clients reach out to them to communicate their needs.

The Outcome
The brand identity and website launch was a great success. The site has had numerous prospects reach out, and has been able to help small businesses achieve their social media marketing needs.