Rapid Reach Marketing Group Branding and Web Design

Rapid Reach Marketing Group looked out to help customers in the rise of social media marketing. The project was to help create a visible logo and a landing page for funneling new prospects. This was a project I enjoyed designing.

With all of my projects, the brand had to undergo a brand audit. We had to look at their purpose, their needs, their customers needs and why they mattered.

Brand Attributes had to encompass their brand culture, the type of users, the brand voice and tone, and the brand values. Here are some of the brand attributes that connected with RRMG:

  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Energetic
  • Knowledgable
  • Driven
  • Involved
  • Connected
  • Qualified
  • Innovative

Positioning Statement and Archetype

Again, to help drive the design and thought process, the brand attributes had to connect the dots with the brands positioning statement.

Rapid Reach Marketing Group provides professional media marketing services to small to medium sized businesses in a driven environment with an opportunistic and innovative voice.

I took it a step further and identified the brands archetype as well:

  • Ideators
  • Enablers
  • Collaborators
  • Supporters
  • Entrepreneurs

The User Types

Who is RRMG trying to attract? Small to medium sized businesses in the following markets:

  • Restaurant owners
  • Fitness Center owners
  • Car Dealerships

Some of these users are always looking to innovate their marketing online, so it was best to prepare a brand that was professional and modern to attract this market.

Logo Design

Rapid Reach Marketing Group logo design had to be prepared for a market of professional business owners. The design needed to be modern, and timeless.

Web Design

Rapid Reach Marketing Group website only needed to be a landing page to capture prospects as most of the on-boarding process is done on a 1-on-1 basis. Some of the key aspects of the site had to be:

  • What are we trying to communicate to our audience?
  • How reachable should we be?
  • How Can We Help?
  • Is Your Business Visible?
  • Are You In Need of Social Media Management?

So this helped set out the basis for our wireframes and prototypes. You can visit the site by going to Rapid Reach Marketing Group.