Vie CBD – Responsive Design

Website (web + mobile) and Branding

The goal was to build a new brand and website that would resonate with CBD users in providing high-quality CBD products.


Design Lead, Branding, UX/UI, Development

Cannabidiol (CBD) business is ever growing in the market. With everything from tinctures, lotions, baked goods, softgels and even energy drinks, these products offer customers high-quality, effective and reliable CBD oil brands.

I lead the branding and UX/UI design effort in creating and developing an e-commerce site tailored to providing CBD products that customers can purchase online.

The Challenge
Create a logo that will go on products and company assets, and build an easy user-experience that encourages users to understand what CBD can do for them, so they can purchase the right CBD product for their needs.

The Solution
The logo would represent life, ‘Vie’ in French, and go on tincture and softgel labels. Build the site using WordPress/WooCommerce to simplify the product inventory for the client, while making the product easy to find and purchase on the website for the user.

The logo, brand messaging and product photography have garnered an audience between the ages of 20-35, while the site has seen an increase in visitors of over 30% and sales have grown 22% since its inception at the end of 2019.