Vie CBD Branding and Web Design


Vie CBD is a rising brand that will be distributing high quality organic oil products online.

Vie, pronounced “vi” is a French word translating to life, which Cannabidiol provides for its users. The logo had represent a modern and desirable look to a young audience in the age range of 25-55 seeking alternative therapeutic solutions. It also had to look bright, cleaning, and inviting. Some of VIe’s synonyms include: growth, active, soul, energy, essence, liveliness, vigor and vitality.

Research Analysis

The research that was conducted was based on the brand audit where we looked into the brand alignment, similar brands and competitive brands in the market place.

Logo Design

The logo design will now encompass all the brand alignment and research analysis to design a creative identity.

Identity Mockups

The logo is placed on products to ensure brand placement and products are building the vision for the company’s future.

Brand Labels

Web Design

During the brand audit, it’s never easy to collect information from start-up brands as they have yet to see metric data about who their customer base is, but by building a set of questions to help determine the course of action, we narrowed it down to young adults in their mid to early 20’s to late 50’s who were in need of therapeutic alternatives.

You can view the completed site by going to